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No matter if your company is in the Fortune 500 or a brand-new start-up, every organization experiences its own unique sales challenges. These sales challenges can vary drastically from organization to organization depending on its size, industry served, age, location, time to market etc.  

Here’s your challenges:

  • Appoint Distributor – Time, cost & manpower involved.
  • Appoint SI”s & VAR’s – More time , cost and manpower involved.
  • Launch event – Time and cost.
  • Trainings – Ongoing cost.
  • More training – On going cost.

So where is the business? Wouldn’t you like to prioritize end customer tapping much higher in your effort to penetrate a new region? If you would like to bring on end customers as quickly as appointing a distributor – keep reading.Can you afford to lose your competitive advantage because you didn’t have a proper Sales representation, distribution and VAR in place? Your competition will catch up must faster than you think. If not, then meet the team at iPossibilities.